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About Us

Hi! My name is Shon Atsil and I’m a travel addict that loves vacations more then staying at home under the blanket

And when I started to search online for my next trip location, attractions or hotels I always find myself browsing in 10 different sites until I find good results for my trip itinerary.

That’s when I decided to gather all the information from our travel experience and share it with you.

From Hiking trips where you are tearing your legs apart to “reclining on a beach” type of a vacation where you are not getting up from sleeping next to the pool.

During our vacations we discovered that most of the people don’t even aware of all the attractions that the specific location has to offer, And for that I decided to build Your Trip Planner where al the information on one location will be concentrate in one easy to read page for you.

Shon Atsil

Founder of Your Trip Planner.